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Made TO Swing

One Size - Fifteen Different Colors - 7 Chrome, 5 Solid and 3 Designers

Our Truck Ballz come in three flavors, Solid Colors, Chrome and Designers.

These are the Truck Nuts you hear about all over the internet, and news stories.  The Bulls Balls® brand Truck Ballz are of higher quality, more durable and less expensive than the competition. (If we can even call them that.)   All the rage, seen everywhere, even on tanks in Iraq, on lorries in England, and Truck Trains in Australia.

BullsBalls® higher quality Truck Ballz are a little taller, much brighter and a less expensive than the imitators which sell the same size ballz for up to $29.95 each.  OUCH !  

Our Truck Ballz are of much higher quality and still only $ 18.95 each.  WOW !   We also ship via Priority Mail's 3-day service to save you even more money, OR we can ship via UPS which supplies a tracking number for you.

All of our balls, nuts and accessories are designed and manufactured in the USA by the first Bulls Balls & Truck Balls web site on the Internet, www.BULLsBALLs®.com

From 2.5" to 10" tall,  $5.00 to $49.95  and  0.7 Oz to 2.4 Lbs.  We got your Ballz!

BullsBalls.com  Original BULLs BALLS® Truck Balls Company !
Home Of The Big'uns - Delightfully Tacky, Mostly Unrefined

The First BULLs BALLs® Truck Nuts Site on the Internet™ !

Truck Ball Accessories  for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jimmy, Nissan and Toyota Trucks.
Original Big Boy™ Nuts for suvs, cars, atvs, carts, quads, bikes, trikes, motorcycles.

Bull Balls® hang easily on all your rigs, in many ways.     FUN, Grins and laughs !

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All of our Truck Nutz below are:

7.62" Long, 4.25" Wide, 1.87" Thick, 10.3 oz, 5/8" Hole

Our Big Boy Style Truck Nutz are molded out of a Poly-pro-py-lene Co-poly-mer.  This tough material makes these balls as hard as a rock AND tough all the way through, with additional colorizing in the epoxy urethane finish coating.  At $ 18.95 each, they beat out the Imitators hands down, that sell for $20.00 and higher. This makes ours the best value on the internet, or anywhere.  Chromed Colors are only $ 26.95 each.  Our Unique Designer colors are $ 31.95 each.  No one else has these !

These Truck Nutz can use our standard Hitch Hanger, unlike those imitators, because we made sure the bolt hole was not only big enough, but that the bolt area is much thicker to prevent breakage in that area when they are solidly mounted on your rig.  Click for the pop-up to view our standard Hitch Hanger that we use on all our Truck Nutz and larger Bulls Balls and Big Boys too.

Want to know why these Truck Nutz are better? Click here for popup describing the difference between the Imitators and our Stronger version of Truck Nutz.

Click any image below for a larger view. Then click your [Back] button.

Solid Color Truck Nuts - $ 18.95



Chromed - $ 26.95







Designers - $ 31.95

Diamond Plate 

Looking for something bigger? Try our 9", 1.8 pounders, Big Boys Nutz.
Or, how about something a bit smaller at 4.5 inches ?  Biker Nutz.
How about one of our Key Ring Dongles ?  Click: Key Ring Nuts.

Truck Nutz or Truck Ballz,  or what ever you call them, they
make a unique statement and look great on all your smaller
trucks,  cars,  bikes,  trikes,  motorcycles,  ATV's and more !

Get Ball Information:  Call 928.635.4744  -  To Place an Order:  Call 800.491.1140

- Buy 8 sets, get 15% off - Buy 14 sets, get 20% off - Buy 18 sets, get 25% off -
Make money, sell Bulls Balls® and other styles, up to 50% off for dealers !  Why not become a dealer ?

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